Sandro Villinger

7 hidden gems in Windows Blue

Sandro Villinger has been running Windows Blue productively since it leaked over the weekend and dug up some yet-to-be unveiled facts and hints about what's coming to the Windows ecosystem in late 2013.

6 software and driver update utilities compared

6 software and driver update utilities compared

If you dismissed update utilities as something only for home users (as I did until recently), now might be the time to take a second look.

7 days with the Amazon Kindle Fire HD: Revealing its inner power-tablet

Setting up Amazon's consumption device as a productive Android tablet isn't for the faint of heart.

Solid-state drives: 10 questions, 10 solid answers

As solid-state drives (SSDs) are becoming more and more mainstream, with 64GB-128GB models well below the $100 price point, it's time to go behind the scenes, solve some mysteries, and give you some answers on how to treat SSDs right....

Why 'Do Not Track' doesn't change much about web privacy

IE10 is doing it. Firefox is doing it. Chrome just followed suit. "Do Not Track" is the latest step into a more privacy-oriented web. Can it work?

Hands on with Windows To Go: The good, the bad, the USB bootable

Sandro Villinger put Windows To Go, the bootable 'live' USB drive running a full copy of Windows 8, through its paces. Here's what he found.

8 long-forgotten Microsoft vulnerabilities

Here's a run-down of the most popular programs with unpatched flaws (both minor and major) as well as a quick evaluation of when this might affect either you or any one of your users.

7 days with a Windows 8 tablet: Not quite the best of both worlds

Can a Windows 8 tablet really be the one machine that does it all? We spent 7 days putting the Samsung Series 7 through its paces.

Three great DVD playback alternatives for Windows 8

With Windows 8, Microsoft decided to remove DVD playback functionality from Windows Media Player. That's bad news for those of use with vast DVD collections. Here are 3 DVD playback alternatives worth a look.

5 ways Windows 8 beats Windows 7 at security

Microsoft has made some bold claims about the fact that Windows 8 is infinitely more secure than Windows 7. Here's the rundown.

Microsoft unveils three great malware hunting tools

Mark Russinovich, Windows icon, Sysinternals creator, and technical fellow at Microsoft, went on stage at TechEd Europe to a crammed full hall. In this session, Mark explained his best practices for removing malware manually -- using...

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