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Tom is in charge of news coverage for the publishers of PCWorld, Macworld, and TechHive.

10 shocking ways the Feds are spying on you

10 shocking ways the Feds are spying on you

Worried about NSA spying? That's the tip of a U.S. surveillance iceberg.

Good riddance Google Reader: Now let's move on

Google didn't get to where it is without takings risks--some of which included jettisoning dead weight.

Google quietly revamps local search in a big way with a cool new 'carousel'

Google introduces local search "carousel," an ingenious way to explore the world around you.

Drone nation: 15 ways drones are changing the world around us

Drone nation: 15 ways drones are changing the world around us

For a nation already on edge about NSA spying, drone technology is just another worry to add our list of reasons to keep looking over our shoulders.

Google's balloon-powered Internet takes flight: Behind the scenes with Project Loon

Go behind the scenes of Google's ambitious Project Loon, an ambitious attempt at delivering Internet access to the world.

Google, Waze: The ultimate road trip buddies

Google Maps for Mobile is imperfect and so is Waze. Together they become the ultimate road trip buddies.

Google's stock Android keyboard enters finger-war fray

Google delivers advanced mobile keyboard features for free to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) tablets and phones.

Porn and six other things you can't do with Google Glass

Google Glass isn't ready for prime time, but already is one of the most restricted, policed, and limited pieces of consumer technology out there.

Gmail reinvents the inbox (again) at nine

A look at Gmail's new inbox and glance at Gmail innovations of past.

Chrome Experiments revive Google Labs spirit with cool games

Chrome Experiments highlights an up-and-coming web technology called WebSockets in a Google Labs-like test of slot-car and skeeball games.

Flying turbines and other bizarre Google projects

Google's largess has funded some out-there projects over the years from conservation drones, space travel, and a human-powered monorail.

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