The next generation of mobile apps gets personal

The mobile app market is about to explode (even more) with more personalized, context-sensitive apps


Why right now is the perfect time to launch an Internet startup

Remember the dotcom boom? That was just a firecracker. What's coming 'round the corner will be a stick of dynamite.


Why does social media have to be just text?

The next wave of aural social media is here.


Microsoft's Bing Fund takes angel investing to the next level

Bing Fund isn't just an angel, it's an archangel.


It's about time for a new type of office desk phone

Is your desk phone smarter than your mobile phone? Probably not.


Writing for algorithms and occasionally people

The era of get-rich-quick web sites is coming to an end. We need more focus on quality content, rather than keywords and gaming the system to get clicks.


The third leg of the cloud

What we think of as the "cloud" is actually three distinct components: software, infrastructure, and platform as a service. The first two have entered the mainstream. Platform as a service is the least understood, but the most...


Crowdfunding changes game for SMBs

Has crowdfunding hit the mainstream already? Let's take a look.


Big IT providers look to micro-SMBs for growth opportunities

Is it a good time to be a small businessperson? The answer is, "Yes." Here's why.


ERP vendors cut support fees

Both Oracle and SAP have trimmed their support fees--a good thing for customers, who often cringe at the support and maintenance costs of enterprise ERP installations.Oracle, most decidedly a company that doesn't like discounts,...


How Microsoft will shake up the security industry

Microsoft's ForeFront integrated security suite, currently in beta (code named "Stirling"), won't be available in its prior release until the end of the year, but it's likely to shake up the security business when it does. Last...


Rumors abound of Android netbooks

Bsquare, a developer of mobile software, issued a press release yesterday that seemed to imply that Dell was going to release an Android-based netbook. The press release has since been pulled and Dell says the claim was erroneous,...


Acer and the Channel

This will be a fun one to watch. CRN editor Robert DeMarzo drew a line in the sand in his blog last week, effectively daring Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci to respond. Is Acer clueless about the American channel community? Yes, and this...


Netbook market share grows

Last week I wrote about Apple's COO calling netbooks junky and unusable--but it would be a good idea for Mr. Cook to take a look at the most recent sales figures from IDC. According to IDC figures reported in Network World, netbook...


Atlanta-based VAR certifies its vendors

It's been quite common for vendors to require VARs to become certified on their product before taking them on as a partner, or giving the VAR a higher-level partner status, and in the long run, this is not a bad system--besides the...


Microsoft planning rival to iPhone

There has long been speculation that Microsoft would launch its own smartphone, but that speculation was for the most part dismissed. Until yesterday. Yesterday's Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft and Verizon are talking...


Apple COO blasts netbook concept

Netbooks run counter to the general trend of progressively larger and more powerful computers, but they are nonetheless gaining popularity. And why not? They're cheap--and for ordinary people who don't need to run power applications,...


Oracle-Sun deal: VARs Positive

Some early reports are coming in that VARs are on board with the Oracle-Sun deal. to date though, neither Sun nor Oracle has said much of anything about how the deal will affect the sales channel, but it seems to be welcome.But time...


MX Logic study shows optimism for 2010

Managed email and web security solution provider MX Logic conducted a survey in March, and the results show a surprising level of optimism in the reseller channel. Reports are everywhere that spending is slowing down, deal size is...


Paragon Software's new VAR portal

Data security and management company Paragon Software this week launched a new VAR portal, moving its sales channel into the new era of Web 2.0. The trend is noteworthy and several other vendors have done the same before Paragon,...


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