More bad news for AMD: It's losing ground in the GPU market, too

It's no secret that AMD has struggled against its much bigger CPU competitor Intel, but for the longest time, it was able to hold its own against its chief competitor in graphics, Nvidia. That, however, is changing for the...


Skylake has a voice DSP and listens to your commands

Intel's new Skylake processor has a feature people will either love or hate. It comes with a built-in digital signal processor (DSP) that will allow you to turn on and control your PC with your voice. This is not new. Gizmodo...


A few more signs your hard drive is about to die

You've probably read the article "9 signs your computer's hard drive is about to die" and if you haven't, you should. Hard drives telegraph their demise, sometimes well in advance. Usually you don't realize it until after the...


Samsung ups the SSD ante with faster, higher capacity drives

The NAND flash SSD market is becoming as speed-obsessed as the GPU makers, and that's good news for all of us. Samsung has taken the lead from Intel with a trio of new drives sporting amazing performance. Samsung has introduced...


Intel launches first laptop-ready Xeon chip

Late last week Intel announced its first workstation-grade Xeon CPUs for laptops. The exact details aren't available, nor is a release date, although the details it did release are intriguing. Xeons have been available for...


Is AMD eyeing the FPGA as well?

UPDATED: An Italian tech site with a focus on chips and technology claims it has evidence that AMD is making a custom CPU/FPGA for a customer, which means AMD is following in Intel's footsteps in embracing the FPGA processor. A...


Intel unleashes first Skylake CPUs aimed at the ideal target market

As predicted, Intel has introduced the first two chips of its Skylake family, a whole new microarchitecture that will offer a mild to modest performance bump, depending on how you use it. And Intel knew just who to target with...


AMD reportedly working on a monster exascale APU

Just a week ago, President Barack Obama signed an executive order for a coordinated federal strategy into HPC to build the world's first exascale supercomputer. The Department of Energy, the Department of Defense (DoD), and the...


Dell launches high capacity SSDs for data centers

If the era of the 15,000 RPM drive is not over officially, it will be soon. Solid-state drives (SSDs) have increased their durability and capacity to the point they are completely viable replacements for the high-speed drives,...


Intel-Micron's 3D XPoint memory lacks key details

Long-time memory partners Intel and Micron took the wraps off a new type of non-volatile memory but didn't give details on some of the most pressing questions about how it will work. 3D XPoint is a new type of memory with all the...


A 19-year-old just scored $1.25 million in venture funding for chip design

A 19-year-old just scored $1.25 million in venture funding for chip design

The new chip design is a radical departure from existing architectures and radically faster.


The impending end of Moore's Law is not Intel's biggest problem

Intel's latest earnings call was a real stunner because it confirmed a rumor I'd covered here and at the same time seemed to spell the end of Moore's Law, which has guided the company for 40 years. On the call, the company...


Google prepping a new version of its much-maligned Google Glass

Despite the unmitigated flop that was Google Glass, the search engine giant is working on a new version with a technological upgrade and a more business focus. Google is reportedly internally referring to its next version of...


MIT comes up with a "no memory" solution for Big Data

The 64-bit CPU era has ushered in a raft of innovations and computing models that were impossible on a 32-bit system. With its 4GB memory limit, and about 1GB lost to the OS, 32-bit systems couldn't do very much and often ran at...


Has the mass storage/mass market SSD finally arrived?

Yes, but it will cost you as much as a performance PC.


Why is Renee James leaving Intel?

Why is Renee James leaving Intel?

Did James take the fall for the waste of money on McAfee and Intel’s underperforming software group?


Enough is enough with the AMD rumors

So who is thought to be acquiring AMD now? Oracle? Apple? Ford Motor Co.? Donald Trump? Nope, this week it's Microsoft's turn to be the buyer du jour. The logic behind the rumor is that Microsoft is concerned about the fiscal...


Is Intel adding an extra step to the tick/tock model?

Intel has used a model it called "tick/tock" for about a decade now and that model has gone off without a hitch, but new challenges would indicate that model is changing. It used to be that Intel would introduce a new...


When will your hard drive fail?

It’s only appropriate that I found a story idea on storage failure right as I experienced the worst hard drive failure of my life. Long story short, after two days of agony, I lost some downloaded files, nothing I can’t live...


AMD launches new Radeon GPUs

The E3 show is usually a time for games and occasional console hardware, but AMD used the giant game show to launch its new Fury brand of GPUs. These cards feature a few firsts: the first card to come with a water-cooled system...


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