Web site security improves from appalling to merely bad

Commercial web sites show impressive gains in security during recent years, but only if you compare the 1,100 serious vulnerabilities the average site suffered during 2007 compared to 79 now. That's a big change, but satisfactory only...


Year's coolest computer display is made from a soap bubble

This year's coolest digital-image display is made from bubbles, not solid materials, whose texture, transparency and other characteristics can be tuned using ultrasound to make a perfect surface for even giant, seemingly unsupported...


Hacked drones could become missiles over U.S., researchers warn

The FAA's plan to allow as many as 30,000 observation drones to fly over the U.S. by 2015 could be catastrophic, especially the big planes FedEx plans to use to cut delivery costs. GPS spoofing can confuse drones and give attackers "a...


New tools finally give users a way to enforce their own privacy

A rush of new products are designed to add "military grade" encryption to email, text messages and corporate data. None are perfect; none are revolutionary. Collectively they represent acceptance, for the first time, that users should...


U.K. trial tests whether jokes on Twitter are jokes, or threats

@stephenfry: God I hope common sense & natural justice prevail ‪#TwitterJokeTrial @Joannechocolat: "All writers should be following #twitterjoketrial. The future of humour, hyperbole and the use of common sense is being decided right...


MI-5 chief warns of "astonishing," industrial-scale state-sponsored cybercrime

The head of the British MI-5 counter-intelligence agency warned yesterday that state-sponsored efforts at cyberattacks had escalated into industrial-scale events involving thousands of people. Who is leading the charge? Superpowers...


How many gigabytes in a a zettabyte and why you need to know

Gartner's projection that consumers will own 4.1 zettabytes of content and put a third of it in the public cloud by 2016 raised one very pertinent question: What the heck is a zettabyte? Here's your answer and some tools to convert...


Smartphone cameras will crash the cloud, smother the Internet

Gartner predicts the amount of consumer data stored in the cloud will increase 1,080 percent by 2016, potentially smothering the cloud, the Internet and every advance in storage and bandwidth between now and then in a flood of...


MIT app gives humans vision like a vampire

Software from researchers at MIT selectively enhances color and motion in video images, bringing out details like a baby's pulse that are too faint or small to be seen under normal conditions. Now if only they could get it to sparkle...


Own a piece of Occupy Wall Street

The owner of Occupied Wall Street Journal, one of the first chroniclers of the Occupy movement from inside the movement , is up for auction on GoDaddy to help finance a new site focusing on getting former Occupiers to vote their...


Facebook study shows older, married men make most of your decisions

It's common knowledge some people make their own decisions and others follow the pack. Even the pack follows decisions made by just a few influencers. Now a new study shows how to pick out those with real influence and who, on...


Malware raids bank accounts with no warning to show what happened

The Zeus and SpyEye Trojans are pretty effective at stealing financial data from victims, but they're not good at actually raiding bank accounts without having to try to hide warning screens. New malware adds an Automatic Transfer...


Google finds 9,500 new threat sites per day

On the fifth anniversary of its Safe Browsing initiative, Google has opened up about some of the risks it sees trending and what it's been doing about them. Mainly it warns users, many of whom ignore warnings about legitimate sites...


'God' particle may have been spotted at CERN

Experiments at CERN last December produced inconclusive evidence that the Large Hadron Collider had finally isolated the elusive, unproven Higgs boson. Rumors are now flying that repeats of that experiment may confirm the Higgs and...


Senator calls for limit on peeping by Apple, Google spyplanes

Apple and Google are fighting for dominance in the mapping/personal navigation market with high-res photos taken from "spy planes" showing more detail of cities, houses, power and water infrastructure and, Senator worries, people...


Fujitsu cracks 923-bit painfully complex crypto

Fujitsu has announced a team it was leading was able to break the 923-bit "pair based encryption" during an experiment it used to establish the credibility in business products of a crypto standard mainly the province of academics.


'Premium Security' for Android is actually the Zeus super Trojan

It's almost routine to see malware packaged and labeled as security software for Android. It's unusual to see the scam hiding one of the more capable, adaptable data-thieving Trojans still found in the wild.


Researcher: CIA, NSA may have infiltrated Microsoft to write malware

Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer of antivirus and security software vendor F-Secure has suggested the ability to suborn both Windows Update and Microsoft security certificates may mean the spies that wrote Stuxnet, Duqu and...


Enterprises waste time with revenge counter strikes against hackers

Frustrated by the increasing frequency of criminal and state-sponsored cyberespionage attacks, some companies are moving toward 'active defense' policies that put them in the role of punisher rather than giving data to cops and...


Video makes global botnet pandemic look pretty

Mapping just one minute of global communications among botnets makes it look as if we've been invaded from outer space, not just infected with malware.


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