Poor test data costs industry billions per year

The problem with test data is that fully testing if code is ready for production requires a parity copy of production data, yet creating full parity copies of production data is often too onerous for most QA teams to manage. Here's...


The second wave of cloud computing

After initial forays into the cloud many companies are re-evaluating the cloud deployments and moving previously deployed cloud applications back in house, to different cloud providers or to private clouds. The questions is "why?" ...


Is DevOps doomed?

The lack of clarity around DevOps is undercutting its success.


Cloud migration: Getting data to the cloud is the elephant in the room

Cloud computing offers compelling benefits, but migrating to the cloud poses a huge obstacle due to the hurdles of moving data to the cloud, cloud data security and stability and performance in the cloud. All of these pain points...


Yes, continuous deployment is possible in enterprise IT

Data virtualization swings the door wide open for enterprise-level application development. Here's how it works.


Top 10 evaluation criteria for copy data management & data virtualization

Data virtualization has the potential to deliver massive advancements in data agility and data center utilization. Your task: Separate vendor marketing hype from reality.


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