Racetrack Memory -- Computer Memory That's 100,000 Times Faster Than Today's -- May Arrive in 5-7 Years

Computer memory and storage have always followed the Law of Closet Space. No matter how much you have, you shortly discover that it isn't enough.So it's good news that scientists in Switzerland are working on racetrack memory,...


The Body-to-Body Network: Where You, Personally, Become Part of the Internet

According to researchers from Queen’s University Belfast, using wearable sensors, ordinary people could create powerful new mobile Internet networks. Doing so, they say, could create new ultra high bandwidth mobile internet...


When Bad OEM Software Happens to Good Slide/Negative Scanner Hardware

My husband's first career was "professional photographer" and he built his first darkroom as a teenager. That explains why my garage has boxes upon boxes of slides and negatives. Many negatives are in larger formats (we still have...


Drupal's Dries Buytaert on Building the Next Drupal

Drupal's creator discusses new features in the popular content management system and the tradeoffs of innovation.


A Few Resources for Women in Open Source

When I first started programming in high school at age 15 (on a mainframe), I was one of only two or three girls in the class of perhaps 20 students. At the time, I thought that was a pretty good ratio. God knows that I never lacked...


How to Write a Client Proposal

Software developers, web designers, and other IT professionals who are trying to build up a consulting business are often asked to provide the prospective client with a formal proposal explaining how they'll serve the company's needs....


Insisting on FOSS Doesn't Mean Annoying Others

One rule of successful tech evangelism: don't shove it in others' faces.


Convincing the Boss to Accept FOSS

Do you wish your company would adopt an open source application? These 7 tips might help you sell it to management.


If the comments are ugly, the code is ugly

Harsh words, I know, but I've come to believe it's true.


Open Source Changes the Software Acquisition Process

I used to own a computer store, back in the days when an Intel 80386 was the standard for business PCs and geeks would sigh wistfully, wishing they could afford a '486. I loved helping people pick out a computer system that was right...


The Decline and Fall of the Idealistic Spark

What can kill a community that was once bound together by a shared vision?


A Peek into Carnegie-Mellon's Open Source Lab

"But, good gracious, you've got to educate him first. You can't expect a boy to be vicious till he's been to a good school," wrote the 19th century Scottish author Saki (H. H. Munro). Vicious or no, a proper university education is a...


What to Include in Your Open Source Resume

Here's how to explain your FOSS experience during your next job hunt.


Building your career in open source

You may be hesitant to apply for a new job based on your "volunteer" open source skills. Don't be.


How to Attract More People to Your Open Source Project

The borderline between mentoring and good community practices is a hazy one, especially when it comes to attracting new contributors to an open source project. In the process of researching my feature article, Mentoring in Open...


Open Source in Emerging Markets: a Few Points of Statistical Comparison

Among the facets of my persona is my Analyst Hat. For several years, I've contributed to a few research reports from Evans Data Corp., such as those that evaluate developer trends in Asia Pacific (APAC) regions and among Linux and...


Why Users Dumped Your Open Source App for Proprietary Software

Open source projects that want more users must learn the ways in which it might "lose to the competition."


On Releasing Your Company's Software as Open Source

If your company has built useful applications based on an open source framework or using open source tools -- or maybe even if it's merely developed some cool stuff that others might find useful -- at some point the development...


Four Things Open Source Projects Should Know About Dealing with the Press

An open source project that wants greater visibility may well benefit from a mention in the technical or business media. But because open source communities are primarily technical communities, they don't necessarily know how to talk...


An Abbreviated History of ACP, One of the Oldest Open Source Applications

If I asked you to tell me the first software that was made available as open source, you probably would point to something that came out of ARPAnet, such as TCP/IP; I dare say you would at least mention one of the fundamental pieces...


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