Schrödinger's Cat wins! (As Fedora 19 release name)

If there's one thing to be learned here, it's that the Fedora folks don't go for all that Ubuntu alliteration.


Tech-induced adaptations

The Internet is changing our brains. Are physical modifications next?


Russian President drives into crowd

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was so eager to glad-hand the people of Kazan, a city 720 km (450 miles) east of Moscow, that he stepped out of the vehicle he was driving and watched as it continued on into the crowd.


Texter tossed from Texas theater unwittingly stars in PSA

Don't think she didn't have it coming. She was warned. Twice.


Palin's e-mailings

Got plans for the weekend? Ditch 'em. Instead, why not spend it scouring the thousands of emails Sarah Palin sent during her tenure as Alaska's governor. Sarah's pretty sure you're not going to find anything private.


The typo that exposed Weiner

Don't feel bad, DM fail happens to everyone.


What does your social networking profile pic reveal about you?

British teen Nina Jones says she "spend[s] a disproportionate amount of time on Facebook each evening, looking at the profile pictures of people I don't know"; curious about why people choose the pics they do, she decided to survey...


Trekkies can now display their fandom pride even after death

Are you worried that your final resting place won't adequately indicate your love of Star Trek? Fear not: this new Trek-themed urn is the perfect place for your cremains.Image credit: Eternal ImageHow we deal with death is at least...


Facebook "likes" decides whether plant lives or dies

"Meet Eater" is a plant with a Facebook account, and when people "like" it, it gets watered. But there can be such a thing as too much love (or like): the plant is already on its third incarnation, the previous two Meet Eaters...


Israel buys @israel Twitter handle from porn merchant

The State of Israel has finally gotten the @israel Twitter account from its original owner, and at the bargain price of $3,000. This wasn't a case of domain squatting, though: the previous owner is Israel Melendez, the owner of a...


There's an app for that?: AR Drone

There are any number of flight simulator games for iOS, but only AR Drone actually allows you to control a tiny unmanned quadricopter. Fortunately for all of us, the $299.99 mini-aircraft does not come with any live missiles.


MySpace gives up, allows links to Facebook

Oh, remember when MySpace was the acme of social networking, and News Corp. bought it for more than half a billion dollars? How the mighty have fallen: after being redesigned to look more like Facebook, the site now just allows you...


German Segway enthusiast vindicated in court

Image credit: flickr/saschapohfleppA German network admin with 19 years of service to his company plugged his Segway into an outlet at his office to recharge it for an hour and half, only to be fired for "stealing" electricity. But...


Supposed 'tricorder' is a bitter disappointment

Those of us who hate and fear needles have long hoped for a Star Trek-style medical tricorder that can simply scan the body from a few feet away to look for illnesses or injuries. Thus, it comes as a great disappointment when a...


List of dumb things not to do on Facebook grows

Apparently it is necessary to explicitly list every act that you shouldn't do on Facebook, so here's another one: if you kill a deer out of season, don't put up pics of you killing and skinning it, because you might well get in...


There's an app for that?: Abacus

Sure, your iPhone already comes with a perfectly good calculator, but it's clearly biased in favor of those new-fangled "Arabic numerals." Why not do your calculating with a good old-fashioned abacus instead? Because this abacus is...


Urine: Power source of the future?

Forget about leaky oil wells and dangerous nuclear power plants: Scientists are looking forward to a day when fuel cells will be able to convert our urine (or that of other animals, we guess) into electricity. "Just throw urine into...


North Korea jumps on social networking bandwagon

"Paranoid" and "isolated" are two terms often used to describe North Korea and its dictatorial regime. But the country is apparently interested in making friends, at least online: it has established an official Twitter account (with...


Indie musician borrows Wikipedia text for lyrics

Rodgers and Hammerstein, Bernie Taupin and Elton John -- the world of music is full of songwriting teams where one partner writes the melody and the other the lyrics. But Alex Schaaf didn't have a lyricist to work with, so instead...


Darth Vader mellows out with yoga

Faithful ITworld readers know that Darth Vader was recently forced to turn to petty crime to support himself. But apparently the Dark Lord of the Sith has turned his life around, because now he's leading an exercise festival,...


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