Another giant leap for robotkind

Another giant leap for robotkind

Next week, I'm on assignment with Computerworld where I'll get to see the DARPA Robotics Challenge Finals. More than 20 teams are taking their robots and putting them through a series of obstacle challenges in the hopes of finding...


This week’s best techy, nerdy or funny videos

Catch up on the videos you may have missed while working or vacationing.


Throwback Thursday Tech: Flip Phone Fun!

Another "old tech" discovery deep within my office desk drawers - this 2002-era flip phone from Motorola.


Disney World adds video capture to Tower of Terror ride

The souvenir of your amusement park ride goes from photo to video with addition of new Disney technology.


NASA animation shows Apollo 11 landing site

The 45th anniversary of the moon landing is Sunday, so let's revisit the location using modern satellite imagery.


Throwback Thursday Tech: Take off, Hoser!

Before iPods and streaming-music services and even compact discs, the cassette tape was the choice (at least between the late 1970s and mid 1980s).


Throwback Thursday Tech Floppy-Disk Gaming Edition

Jump into the wayback machine for some old-school computer game recollections.


Disney Infinity 2.0 adds Merida and Maleficent to roster

Two additional female characters confirmed for Disney video game sequel set to ship this fall.


Remembering when gadgets weren’t wireless

Journey back with us to 2002, when devices needed some extra help to get connected wirelessly.


Lego Batman 3 game trailer hits InterWebs

Nothing says gaming gold like Legos and Batman, which is why we get another version of the Lego Batman video game later this fall. To space!


Science lets you blame parents for your laziness

Stay on the couch! It's in your DNA! This new video from AsapSCIENCE explains why you might be more happy on the couch than at the gym.


Throwback Thursday Tech Home Edition

If you thought my office desk was a mess, wait until you see the home office in the basement. Old tech galore!


Palm Thursday: Throwback Tech from the early days of PDAs

Relive the halcyon days of PDAs and styluses in this week's edition of "What's in Keith's Desk?"


Throwback Thursday Tech: What’s in Keith’s Desk?

We plan to relive the past (of technology) by taking a look at some old gadgets each Throwback Thursday.


Disney adds Marvel heroes to Infinity video game

Fans of the Marvel universe will have a whole new arena to play in this fall - the Disney Infinity platform.


Oculus Rift, Kinect setup recreates Paperboy video game

For those who remember what a newspaper was, here's a cool video showing a virtual recreation of the 1980s video game "Paperboy" utilizing 2010s gear.


Skylanders Trap Team plans to snare more of your cash

Start building up your savings for this year's action-figures-in-video-game releases.


The Hobbit as a 16-bit video game

Video animation combines old-school graphics with classic book/film treatment. Oooh, and goblins and dragons too!


In space, nobody can hear you poop

Reason #47 why I never want to go to space.


April Fool’s Day 2014 fake video roundup

Ha ha ha! Oh, my sides. Yep, time for "funny" videos on April Fool's Day.


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