Flash 10.1 on Mac OS X

In June of this year, the Adobe Flash team released version 10.1 of the Flash plugin/player. This was the version that would fix all the problems Flash had. No more bogging down of browsers. No more eating your CPU alive. Runs just as...


iPhone 4 "Antennagate"

Apple has given its answer to "Antennagate", and the new mushroom cloud is up, and honestly, I wonder if people even bother to listen to what anyone says anymore.


Consumer Reports Weighs in on the iPhone 4 Antenna issue

So now we have Consumer Reports adding to the overall data on the iPhone 4 "Antenna Grip Bug" dustup. That's good and bad, and gives me an excuse to riff on some things a bit.


iPhone 4 Administration: Where's the Beef?

Setting both my Clara Pellerism, and the iPhone 4 reception/antenna 'problem' aside, (given that I know more about RF than the average bear, I'm somewhat less worked up about the results of basic physics than your typical gadget...


Dribs and Drabs

Just some dribs and drabs from a busy week. I'm waiting on an updated iPhone Configuration Utility, (just checked, still on version 2.2) before I can really talk about the management changes on the iPhone, along with updated...


Just Say No To Over-sensationalistic Headlines

There are days I look at a headline and wonder: "What part of that story goes with that headline?" It's a problem in any form of publishing, as the whole purpose of the headline is to get your attention and make you read the story,...


Good Job Adobe Flash Team

I have never been shy about bagging on the Adobe Flash team when I feel it is warranted, and heaven knows, they, or really, their evangelists and PR people give one a nigh-unending stream of rich source material. However, that does...


WWDC Post-Mortem

First, I would like to say something to the people who said, implied, insinuated, or hinted at how going to an "iPhone-only WWDC" with no IT track would be a complete waste of time: WRONG


Apple 2010 WWDC Keynote thoughts

Apple introduced a lot of things during the WWDC 2010 keynote, and had, ironically and amusingly, their own version of the BlueTooth problems Google ran into at their own IO conference, but with almost 600 WiFi base stations in the...


Sideloading: Not going to do what you think it will

So, of late, one of the ideas proposed for Apple to deal with the negative publicity from the App Store is 'sideloading'. I'm not going to go into details on this, instead, read the best explanation of the proposal out there, from...


AT&T: No more unlimited data plans for new iPhone/iPad customers

Once again, something related to the iPhone has the world a-twitter, only this time it's from AT&T, namely the end of unlimited data plans for the iPhone/iPad. While the reaction to this change is, surprisingly, fairly sober,...


Ti-i-i-ime, is not on Vic's side

Because this bothers me more than a little, I'm going to join in the multiple sites around the web pointing out Vic Gundotra (VP of Engineering, Google)'s little "date issue", (most notably, Matt Drance.) During his I/O Keynote,...


Bad Sci-Fi is no way to analyze markets

It's almost a requirement these days. If you have and a shows up, then is now the "killer". Some days, I think the entire computer news field does nothing but watch "Highlander" over and over again, mindlessly repeating the mantra...


More on the Adobe/Apple slapfight

So because Steve Jobs wrote a letter, of course, John Warnock and and Chuck Geschke have to write one too. In theirs, entitled "Our thoughts on open markets", they take a rather predictable, and somewhat incorrect tact, namely that...


Adobe, pack out your trash

I recently had a chance to do a manual install of Adobe's CS5 Master Collection on my Macbook Pro. Anyone who knows me knows that I am particularly hard on installers, because as a sysadmin, I deal with them a lot. I have to say for...


Thought on thoughts on Flash

A little while ago, Steve Jobs released his "Thoughts on Flash" letter. To say that it caused some consternation would be like saying that nuclear weapons make modest holes in the ground when detonated. That letter, and the rebuttal...


Apple announces the 2010 WWDC

Today, Apple announced the dates for the 2010 Worldwide Developers Conference, June 7-11 2010. My experience in the Mac universe tells me that no matter what Apple announced in the way of content, there would be a large amount of...


Business/IT and the iPad: Yes Please

One of the less-pleasant parts of being an IT Manager with a Mac network who writes about the same is that unlike my non-Mac managing compatriots, I have to pay attention to all the news that surrounds any Apple announcement. The...


Make your Mac application work with IT

One of the more frustrating things I run into are applications that would be a wonderful fit for the hundreds of people on my network, but are designed in a way to make it as hard as possible to deploy, configure, and manage....


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