Four relatively quick ways to improve your phone's voice recognition

I am going to lightly lay some Pro Tips on you and your phone talking. Fear not: they are real tips, based on actual fixes.


Here's why DuckDuckGo works great in iPhone's Safari

Don't lose sight of another reason to try out DuckDuckGo on your iPhone or iPad: it is a really smart search engine that wants to save you time.


Here's how bad the calorie counts on apps and wearables really are

The entirety of calorie counting is a really, really rough estimated science. And it hasn't changed that much in more than 100 years.


My most effective battery solution for Android: "Hey, this bright enough?"

Lux is an app that remembers just how bright you actually need your phone to be to see the screen. It saves you serious battery life in the long haul.


Hardness is not toughness: Why your phone's screen may not scratch, but will shatter

Phones are getting harder, but not necessarily tougher. What that means, exactly, explained here.


Make almost any semi-modern printer work with Google Cloud Print

The Lantronix xPrintServer Cloud Edition can turn many, many wireless and USB printers into Cloud-Print-ready printers.


The best IFTTT recipes for Android (so far)

I have dug deep through IFTTT's shared recipes and other nerdy parts of the web to return with the most useful Android-ready setups.


How to nerd out with NFC tags

Make your phone do convenient, geek-approved things when tapped on NFC tags: in your car, on your bike, by your bed. It's really cheap fun.


What Google is getting out of Ingress

Official answer 1: Nothing! Official answer 2: Geo-map games! People's answers: more than you can imagine.


Apps that fight our distracted driving habits

Here are some of the apps and tools I would recommend trying out if you want to try making your phone conscious of your driving.


We need phones that help us stop killing each other while distracted

If modern smartphones are all about making our lives easier, why don't they try harder at keeping us from using them while driving?


Why aren't you using MightyText for Android?

I get this sense that sometimes you'd rather read, send, and reply to text messages from your laptop or desktop keyboard, using your actual cellphone number.


Android and the Share function: a modest proposal

"Share" is Android's greatest strength, and the hardest thing for newcomers to grasp. It has to get better for Android to step ahead.


Goodbye, Google Voice: I'm breaking up with you

Goodbye, Google Voice: I'm breaking up with you

Let me just lay it all out here on the table, so there is no misunderstanding. The way we use phones has changed.


The hardest part of switching from iPhone: 'Not Delivered' (and how to fix it)

It's much harder than it looks to leave the wonderfully free world of Messages and get back to standard text messages with friends. So much so, you might wonder why it is so hard.


iPhone homescreens in 2014: No Microsoft, Apple and Twitter replacements, Yahoo ascendant

Here's what one dev firm found when it dug into 1,000 homescreens shared on Twitter. It's what people really use, not what they say, that matters.


File your simple taxes this year with an iPhone or Android

You use your phone camera to take a photo of your W-2, your 1099 from your checking and savings accounts, and you answer a few questions about your residency and other conditions from the prior year. And then you file your taxes.


Back up your Android and iPhone photos to Google without using Google+

I like Google's photo backup and editing tools, but as a distinct service and entity, not as part of the Google Plus experience. Here's how to get just the backup part.


EverythingMe is an Android launcher that will actually improve your phone experience

EverythingMe (or sometimes EverythingMe) is a launcher/homescreen I've grown to like lately. Like a new roommate who makes you nervous when he shows up with a guitar, but you come to find he respects quiet hours and plays Django...


Save areas of Google Maps for offline use on Android or iOS

The "Make Available Offline" option in Maps seemed to go away with the big redesign, but it was actually just tucked into a strange, Google-like phrase.


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