How to get files from your phone onto your laptop (without Wi-Fi)

More of us should keep a few tools on hand for those rare but stressful situations where Wi-Fi, or sometimes mobile web, is not available, but files need to be moved. A short list of what you'll need follows.


Type, send, pay: Square Cash is how you should pay your friends and roommates

To say that Square Cash is often more convenient than a check is understatement. Square wants to replace checks in your mind, and is wiling to pay millions in fees to do so. Good for them.


The 31 things inside everything you tweet

"Simple" is not the best way to describe Twitter, when you consider that every tweet sent out, however many characters, carries along with it 31 different packets of data.


Tapping over typing: Knock unlocks Macs from two iPhone taps

If you work on a Mac and your iPhone never leaves your side, you should consider Knock-ing to unlock your computer.


The 3-minute, 250-word version of what's new in Android 4.4

The official version of what's new in Android 4.4 is 1,034 words. We can do better than that, can't we? We can, and we shall.


A brief meta-tour through Ubuntu Touch 1.0

Ubuntu Touch was quietly released in early form earlier this month. What does Ubuntu Touch actually look like, and how does it run?


Every phone charger should be like the Bolt charger

I'm happy to report that the Bolt is a working replacement for a lot of the charging clutter we carry around these days.


What's new with Glass since it launched?

New features and fixes have quietly arrived on Glass headsets since its launch. Here are the highlights.


Why GPS eats so much battery power, explained by a Google engineer

An answer to the question of why GPS eats so much more battery life, so much more rapidly, than anything else on your phone.


Apps that make events easier

I thought I might offer some suggestions on using binary technology to manage clusters of extremely variable people.


Fast food apps totally worth their salt

I wonder if part of the reason universal phone payment hasn't moved along is because there are quite a few stores and chains that make decent customized ordering apps.


See more than just first names in iOS 7 Messages

Know that your coworker Bob and your father Bob will not receive your confusingly misaligned sentiments for each.


What to do after your email account is compromised

Here is what I tell people who want to know what to do next, after their email has been opened up and sorted through.


Chromecast can now "summon" Hulu Plus to your TV

The Chromecast model of "summoning" web video to your television may replace the "Attachment Box" model we have now.


Sign and send documents from your phone, for free, without pain

Do you know about HelloSign? You do if you've ever so much as mentioned a fax machine or a scanner while in my hearing distance. You need HelloSign on your phone.


Police officers, stroller pros agree: iOS 7 has nice anti-theft features

Apple's Activation Lock feature seems like a very strong step toward mass adoption of better phone security.


Design awareness versus iOS 7

The public that is viewing and buying this iPhone is a different public than existed in late June of 2007


Be helpful instead of giving stars in app stores

Helpful is what we want when we walk into an actual store. We can reward the same kind of thing in app stores, if those stores allow us. Be helpful.


How to hide apps on an Android phone

Not everything on your phone gets used, but you have to scroll past everything. Here's how to hide the stuff you don't need.


The Gear is a foul ball in the early innings of smartwatches

Smartwatches definitely are not for everyone, but we've barely seen what they can do yet.


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