Cookie killers: Changing the model

It doesn't take a cop or a private eye: you're being followed everywhere you go. Your phone company knows of your travels, and your browser vendor knows of the sites you visit. They would lift the curtain and peer inside your bedroom...


Oracle has a Sun spot

Oracle is pushing itself into a corner, a fantastic money-making corner, but a corner nonetheless.


The crazy PC morticians

When faced with a new and shiny hammer people will use it on any nail they can find, including things that aren't nails. That sums up what's happening now with the breathless declaration of the end of the PC. Tablets are new and...


Windows 8's app orphans

The x86 legacy is being overthrown, and Microsoft's upward compatibility mantra for Windows 8 tablets is baloney.


The Windows 8 Server secret: Kill VMware

At seemingly each point, the Windows 8 Server editions are poised against a current VMware feature, and one-upped. They become fully hypervised, will work on most of the server hardware processors that they do now, and the target is...


Want to be a billionaire and a hero? Solve the final steps in the recycling chain

There's a huge opening for someone to get rich, developing a usable taxonomy of parts and materials so that products can be safely and profitably devolved. The way you do it is clear: Find a method to describe parts in such a way that...


Amazon's tax problem

Amazon's position as the Better Than WalMart of the internet has become challenging. Amazon can charge less because of The Commerce Clause in the US Constitution — which means that interstate commerce is usually exempt from a state’s...


VMware answers the PaaS gloats

VMware announced vFabric Database Director, a database VM fabric and appliance approach It allies VMware’s vSPhere IaaS towards (and not past) PaaS competitors—especially pieces of Windows Azure Cloud. The rumbling may also be poised...


Will Tumblr's seedy side turn advertisers off?

Visually interesting, and easy to use it may be, but its questionable content may turn advertisers off. What do you think?


Hurricane Irene: Checklist for protecting your technology

We know the drill. This is your reminder of how to survive the tech side of Hurricane Irene. Bookmark it for future events.


HP drops dead weight to face new targets

HP just gave up most of the current fruits of its Palm acquisition, abandoning WebOS and its tablets and phones. Perhaps HP now changes its focus from battling Google to battling IBM and Oracle.


Wintel is now Apptel

Apple's enormous market cap now means that its chip use is no longer subject to the wagging tail of the big dog. Apple has become the big dog. This also means that Intel is now in a race with the consortium of ARM vendors for a...


Broadband bytes have lost their bite

With ever-increasing demands placed on infrastructure to deliver video, we need a new and meaningful measuring stick for video. Bytes are becoming meaningless.


Let’s kill license plates

License plates are the ugly tags of a bygone era, now turned into a profit center for many jurisdictions. We don’t need them any more. With just a little bit of engineering, every car maker in the world can embed an RFID into a car...


Ten signs of the plateau in social media

Social media is hitting a long plateau. The seed money isn't over, but the big hurdles are.


Dodging responsibilities: Why public email needs police

Public email providers have long allowed the bad guys to use accounts, and the bad guys know just how to manipulate the mail systems towards nefarious ends. Here’s how we can spoil their party.


Malware is a disease; the government should treat it that way

Using symptoms and not a small amount of detective work, the CDC can react to a new virus comparatively quickly. The H1N1 crisis may have been overblown, but the reactions were good. Now there are said to be five million+ Windows...


How a debt ceiling crash will affect US IT

As the US Congress plays a game of chicken, US IT will need to get planning for possible post-static ceiling scenarios. Once the US Federal Debt Ceiling has been reached, there are a number of consequences that IT may rapidly have to...


Electric motorcycles and the Rodney Dangerfield Syndrome

Electric motorcycles are coming onto the scene with breathtaking performance, and not a small amount of curb appeal. Yet I found a respected source in the motorcycle industry that conjured data pushed mathematically to one side, that...


Google avoids the call to arms

Android OEMs are now hit left and right by agreements from Microsoft that some describe as extortion. Microsoft has said they've got hundreds of patents covering Linux. The Free-Open Source Software community looks at each other and...


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