Made some mistakes? Don't let them limit your options

But I have heard the phrase, “If I’d stayed in school…” voiced so often in the last few days that I can no longer ignore it. It makes me want to and shout, “Stop making excuses! Regret is useless unless you learn from it!”


Gaming can lead to an IT career

“How many hours of your life have you wasted playing video games?” This question, often issued from the mouths of frustrated (non-gaming) parents, teachers, and guidance counselors, this question was meant to make you feel as if the...


Business liaison: A role that combines technical know-how and the conversation chops to translate it

Companies must get their smart people off the keyboard and focused on strategy. Those techies who can talk to the business will be in demand.


By the numbers: Detroit offers a bright future for technology professionals

A recent report reveals a promising tech bubble in Detroit and surrounding areas.


How to be the geek they keep

Never underestimate the importance of getting along with people, plus other tips for getting and keeping a job you love.


First, be a FIRST mentor and create a future engineer

You can probably point to a person, event, class, or after-school program that helped you find your way into your work. How cool would it be to know that a bunch of successful scientists, engineers, or IT people will point to you as...


Play is a necessary part of work and creativity, but don't forget the funny

I am a fan of workplace jokes. Some of my fondest workplace memories are of teams pulling together to pull off an elaborate prank. I have forgotten many of the projects I've worked on and some of the people I've worked with. But I...


Your brain must disconnect from the information feed to thrive

The human brain is a complicated beast. And if you want it to think creatively, you have to get out of its way. There is a great scene in Mad Men when Roger Sterling walks into Don Draper’s office and finds him doing absolutely...


We Day encourages youth to care about issues, empowers them to effect change

If you watch the We Day broadcast of its California event, you will see two young men who are an excellent example of how encouraging smart young geeks to take on social change has the potential to not only inspire them to do...


Unhappy at work? Did you choose the wrong field or the wrong team?

When in a situation where you can't find the spark to work creatively, you need to ask yourself if it's your environment or your career choice. Rebecca Roth, app developer for OnStar, says the team you find yourself may be killing...


Follow the money: Getting future buyers involved in tech development

Women will control two-thirds of the consumer wealth in the U.S. over the next decade, therefore getting them involved in the product creation process may make the difference between creating tech that survives the marketplace and...


Improve IT skills with a specialization certificate

You don’t have to go it old school when it comes to going back to school. A clever nerd, can find a way to fit learning a professional or technical skill into time that’s currently a bit of a waste. How about the hour you spend...


Passion, collaborative thinking and creativity dying by first grade

Who do you want to work with? Is it someone who brings a sense of play, the ability to create, and a willingness to work collaboratively, or someone who can copy things over, and do as they are told? If it's the former, early (tech)...


Buggy Nights on the Moto X inspires animators

This entertainment is somewhere between a film, a game, and that door in the back of the wardrobe that leads to Narnia. “This technology is a bridge to a new territory,” an Pinkava, formerly of Pixar told me of the combination of...


How can you find your inspiration if you can't even read?

The point of this blog is to explore, in whatever form I find it, the inspiration -- the spark, if you will – that makes someone choose to start (or continue) a life in IT. But the problem with thinking about inspiration and life...


Teach a Child to Code

Children learn by playing. Smart people have known this for eons. Plato suggested that in order to teach, we should “Not keep children to their studies by compulsion but by play.” So if you want to teach a child to grow up and become...


Why shouldn't students have instant access to information?

The Los Angeles Unified School District is engaged in a massive effort to put an iPad into the hands of every student in its district. I am all for this. In fact, as the district has stated, this isn’t so much about education as it is...


Be careful what you ask for, Flappy Bird

This is the sort of story every developer dreams about. It’s what everyone who makes things of any kind dreams about. Have fun building. Upload it. Go back to your day job. And then, a few weeks later, be met suddenly with...


Let's stop arguing about technology in schools and get the kids what they need

In the years since Google set out to "Organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful," technology has changed the world by making unlimited amounts of information available in seconds from anywhere....


Teenagers plot to save the Internet

In the course of researching this blog and other stories I write, I talk to a lot of people who work in high tech. I love to ask them how they found their way to this work and if they are glad they did. No one has ever told me they...


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