An Epic way to surf in private

The Epic browser gives you all the privacy tools you could want in one easy package. Hope it's not a secret NSA plant in disguise.


What does Acxiom know about you? More than you think, not all of it true lets you peel back the cover of the data mining giant and look inside. You may be surprised what you find there.


Apple gives all of us the finger

By building a fingerprint reader into the next gen iPhone, Apple has ushered in the golden age of biometric IDs – for better and worse.


Smartphone apps: Coming to a car near you

Everyone knows the smartphone industry is apps driven by apps. Soon, your car may also be ‘driven’ by apps. Is that a good thing? It depends.


Is LinkedIn creating phantom profiles for 12 year olds?

Young teens and tweens aren't supposed to have LinkedIn accounts, but they do -- thanks in large part to LinkedIn's aggressive email policies. Update: LinkedIn responds.


Phishers cast a wide net and catch a whale: The New York Times

The Times got hacked via the one security flaw it's nearly impossible to avoid: Human gullibility


Insta-quiz: Which NSA blog is the real NSA blog?

Who says our nation's spooks aren't down with the kids? The NSA has just launched a new "transparency hub". Can you figure out which one it is?


Is Julian Assange worth protecting?

To some, the uber WikiLeaker is a hero. To others, he's just a raging egomaniac who's no longer relevant.


In the 21st century surveillance state, we are all terrorists

Intimidating reporters, destroying their computers, detaining them under false pretenses -- it's all in a day's work for today's modern spy agency.


Facebook Groups are a haven for spammers

And the world's largest social network is doing almost nothing to stop them. It's time to take matters into your own hands.


Don’t look now, but that recycling bin may be following you

The City of London has trashed those recycling bins that track cell phones. But what other creepy inanimate objects are recording your movements?


Edward Snowden’s favorite email service gives up the ghost

Secure Webmail provider Lavabit has elected to shut down rather than hand over data to the US government.


What do you do when some nut job is pretending to be you on Twitter?

Hope the legal system catches up with them before they catch up with you.


Can the cops search your smart phone without a warrant?

It all depends on where you are. Get stopped in Texas or California, and they can have their way with your mobile -- no court order required.


Your personal data is worth serious money. So why just give it away?

A new survey says your personal data is worth more than $100 to private companies. It's time to say 'Lets make a deal'.


MaskMe: The next best thing to total Web anonymity

Abine's MaskMe browser app lets you keep spammers, scammers, and telemarketers at bay -- and even shop anonymously on line.


Attack of the sexy Facebook spammers

Facebook's sponsored ads have been overrun by a bevy of babes -- who are really Turkish spam artisans in disguise.


The Latvians have invaded LinkedIn. Can the NSA be far behind?

In the new surveillance state, who you know -- or somebody thinks you know -- is more important than who you are.


The NSA never metadata it didn't like

MIT's free Immersion tool shows you how much your Gmail account data reveals about who you are and who you know. It's an eye opener.


Don't, don't tell

Yes, I too got tricked by a sneaky Java update into installing the Ask Toolbar. Here's how I got rid of it.


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