Linux tip: Using multiple terminals with byobu

Move over screen, a better terminal multiplexer is here.


Working with the Dropbox website

Even if you don't have the Dropbox app installed on your PC or Mac, you can still log onto the Dropbox website at to download or share files and folders.


Turn your iPhone or Android phone into the ultimate TV remote

Learn how to control your TV and Tivo with your smartphone or tablet in under a minute.


Enabling and activating dictation in OS X

Tired of typing? Enable OS X's built-in dictation feature. Here's how:


Quitting and restarting Dropbox

'Quit Dropbox' doesn't mean what you might think


Setting up speech recognition in OS X

Tell your Mac what to do and give your Mac a voice with the built-in speech recognition and text-to-speech features.


Setting up Dropbox automatic sync

As long as the Dropbox application is installed on both computers and linked to the same Dropbox account, transferring files takes place in the background, thanks to automatic synchronization. Here's how to set it up.


Managing shared storage in Dropbox

Over time, you may find it necessary to reduce the amount of shared folders, files, and other data in Dropbox. Here are some tips on how to approach shared storage management.


Linux tip: Using the read command

If you write shell scripts, this is one cool builtin Linux command you should know.


Linux tip: Using an exclamation point (!) to reference events

Using an exclamation point to reference events is frequently more cumbersome to use than fc, but has some useful features.


How to print from your phone

Just because you're on a smartphone doesn't mean you can't print. Just a few easy steps and you'll be printing from your mobile device in no time.


Shooting an HDR photo

High dynamic range photography allows your camera to capture images more like your eye sees them. It's easy to achieve impressive results. Join Nick Barber to learn how to shoot HDRs.


Sort your Facebook friends into lists, for good

Two simple ways to guard your privacy


Clearing cookies, enabling Web browser privacy

How to clear your history, delete temporary Internet files and erase cookies on three of the most popular browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.


Microsoft Office text formatting: Making your source format match your destination format

Copying and pasting text from another program or the Web results in text formats that differ from your main document. Watch this Tech Tip to find out how to make your source format match your destination format.


5 often-overlooked security settings for iPhone and iPad

While the popularity of Apple's iOS devices increases, many don't understand the basic security features that Apple makes available to them. Here are the top five security settings for these devices and how to use them.


The Tao of Steve: 5 leadership lessons from Steve Jobs

In his own words: Steve Jobs on hiring, motivating employees, and the pursuit of excellence.


3 security acronyms to avoid (and 3 to embrace)

Today's security trends are the usual acronym soup. Here are 3 you'd do well to avoid and 3 worth your attention.


Why you should sweat the small stuff

Small wins at regular intervals will keep your team motiviated.


Software code audit: Know what's in your software

If you’re planning a specific transaction involving software assets, whether it’s an M&A, equity investment, product introduction, demand for IP indemnity, commercialization of research or other event, conduct a software code audit as...


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