Can HP's webOS, TouchPad gain a foothold in the enterprise?

HP's TouchPad, Pre3, and Veer all have a lot to offer business users, but webOS has always scored low in terms of mobile security and management. If HP wants to crack the enterprise market, it will need to address some pretty big...


The Verizon iPhone - where are the lines of customers?

The almost mythical Verizon iPhone became a reality today. Despite years of rumors, speculation, and yearning for this event, the lines outside Verizon and Apple stores are minimal or non-existant for a handful of important reasons.


Did HP make the Veer too small?

Alongside the TouchPad, HP introduced the Veer. With a form factor the size of a credit card and a screen smaller than a business card, it seems obvious that some smartphone tasks aren't going to be easy on the diminutive device.


HP unveils TouchPad, Pre3, and Veer -- and hints at future webOS platform ambitions [video]

HP showed off its forthcoming TouchPad tablet along with the next webOS smartphone in the Pre line and the ultra-minimal Veer handset. The very compelling TouchPad was the star of the show, but the big shocker was HP's plans to turn...


Google quietly starts adding enterprise security to Android in Honeycomb

Google didn't highlight enterprise management or data security in its Honeycomb media preview, but the new OS will offer device encryption and future Android releases will likely include the ability to enforce security policies. These...


Is there a line between what is and isn't Android on Android-derived or compatible devices?

In a challenge to nomenclature that could reach well beyond China's borders, a recent report on smartphone market share included two Chinese Android-derived but not Android-compatible platforms as Android. Similarly, LG and RIM may be...


Google's Honeycomb will create serious iPad competitors

Google showed off the tablet optimized version of its Android OS known as Honeycomb. Some features looked like they were copied from Apple's iPad, but several others looked like a giant leap beyond anything Apple has offered in a...


Apple, News Corp. launch iPad-only newspaper, provide no news of additional App Store subscriptions [video]

The Daily, the first iPad/tablet-only newspaper, launched alongside Apple's new subscription model for publications in the App Store. While The Daily promises a lot on its own, Apple was mum about making its new subscription system...


What's up with all the Samsung Galaxy Tab returns?

A new study shows that between 13% and 16% of Galaxy Tab buyers return their tablets compared to 2% of iPad buyers. Two basic issues (form factor and OS version) are the most likely reasons.


Will Apple force ebook vendors to sell through the App Store or face eviction from the iPad, iPhone?

Apple's statement on its controversial rejection of Sony's e-reader app for the iPad (and iPhone) raises more questions and concerns about the future of other e-reader apps on its iOS platform, which could be bad timing with so many...


Is Apple really out to drive content off the iPad or is Sony just making a stink?

Sony is claiming that Apple has changed its App Store policy to prevent any outside content being purchased and displayed inside apps. But is that really the case? Did Apple even make a policy change or just start enforcing an...


Why Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 was beat by its old Windows Mobile

In its first quarter on the market, Windows Phone 7 was beat by Windows Mobile 6, the mobile OS it was designed to replace, for some very fundamental reasons - which Microsoft needs to take to heart if its new mobile platform is to...


Workers reject videoconferencing for some very simple reasons

A recent study showed that a majority of workers don't want desktop video conferencing to become part of their daily lives despite the hype from vendors and executives. Some very basic realities about most workplaces, human behavior,...


Google plans Honeycomb media preview, could steal HP's tablet thunder

Over the weekend, Google announced a media preview event for its upcoming tablet-optomized Android release known as Honeycomb. The move is unprecedented for Google and, beyond showing off Honeycomb to the world, could drive demand for...


Why Amazon may be selling lots of ebooks but not so many Kindles

Amazon's Q4 financial results include statements that ebooks for its Kindle platform are now outselling all print books (hardcover and paperback) from its online store. However, the company is still playing coy about how many Kindle...


Do advertisers, developers need a new paradigm for mobile advertising?

A new survey reveals several key insights into how users interact with in-app ads on mobile devices and may mean that developers, advertisers, and ad networks need to re-conceive how mobile ads are designed, served, and paid for.


Are the first Windows Phone 7 developer payments enough to encourage more apps?

Reports are coming in from Windows Phone 7 app developers that they're getting their first payments from Microsoft. With the platform off to a sluggish start, will these payments be enough to sustain or encourage developers to keep...


What's behind RIM's quest for Android apps on the PlayBook?

According to reports, RIM may be looking to build support for Android apps into its PlayBook tablet. If that's true, what does that mean for future BlackBerry models, existing apps, BlackBerry developers, and IT managers?


Will anyone buy Rupert Murdoch's Daily?

Now that the invitations are out for The Daily, the first iPad-only newspaper published by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation, the big question is whether or not it will find a sustained audience.


PlayBook - BlackBerry tethering shows RIM is either clueless or greedy

RIM's PlayBook tablet can only access corporate data or policies when tethered to (and in range of) a BlackBerry - illustrating that the company doesn't understand the tablet market and today's IT challenges, doesn't care, or is just...


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