Is it cloud first or mobile first? Microsoft CEO explains

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella held a press conference to unveil new products but also to sketch out his vision for the future of the company. Cloud and mobile, he said, are inextricably combined.


Emergence Capital: Industry-specific SaaS apps are the future

Emergence Capital, a venture capital firm, thinks that very targeted SaaS services an be successful. Such services could be a boon for business users.


How one company monitors its Web service (Hint: A single tool doesn't cut it)

Outbrain uses more than five monitoring tools to make sure its operation runs smoothly


With Insights, New Relic hopes to win new customers outside dev shops

Developers might find use for new types of data available in New Relic Insights, but marketing and other business users might also find use for the data.


Engine Yard: Just don't call us a PaaS

The company says "PaaS" is too confusing, given the variety of platforms out there. So it's going with "cloud application management platform."


Return of the Chief Data Officer

The chief data officer title got popular for a brief time over a decade ago. It's back, but this time with a different job description.


DigitalOcean lands $37M, plans to add PaaS features

The round, led by Andreessen Horowitz, is quite a bit larger than typical recent IaaS investments


Microsoft, VMware, Red Hat chase lucrative government cloud customers

The three giants made moves to court government users, in hopes of securing a piece of a potentially huge market


Mirantis, IBM try to boost lagging enterprise OpenStack adoption with benchmark

With only around 200 big production OpenStack clouds in the world, Mirantis and IBM spin up 75,000 virtual servers in eight hours to show what OpenStack is capable of.


OpenStack converges around Cloud Foundry, future of Solum in question

In a surprise move, Rackspace, HP and ActiveState all say they are supporting a new Pivotal effort to create an open governance model for Cloud Foundry


New report finds that businesses use 626 cloud services on average

Some of them might surprise you


How Verizon's PaaS strategy stands out from the crowd

Verizon is clearly saying that it welcomes independent PaaS providers and that it won't compete with them. That's a different strategy from what we see from other cloud providers.


Why ScribbleLive turned to Amazon Web Services and can't imagine turning back

The provider of a live blogging platform and other services says OpEx is down 35 percent due to the switch to AWS and that it couldn't scale the way it needs to if it stuck with dedicated servers.


Chromebooks become real option for enterprises with VMware deal

In a deal with Google, VMware plans to bring desktop as a service to Chromebooks


Hollywood blazes trail in hybrid cloud

A TV and film production company is offering a new hybrid service, already used by ABC's Mistresses and TNT's Perception, that enables a much more efficient and collaborative production process.


How Concurrent hopes to help ID Hadoop bottlenecks

A new service from Concurrent, in beta for now, can help developers easily pinpoint problems that are slowing down Hadoop projects


OpenStack still has an enterprise problem

With few new big-name customers to cite and a lack of offerings that many businesses want, OpenStack is still struggling to go mainstream in the enterprise


Is Amazon or Google best for a particular workload? Cloudyn may be able to tell you

Cloudyn is adding support for Google Compute Engine so customers will be able to compare cost and performance of a particular workload on both cloud services.


GoDaddy may go OpenStack

A job ad indicates GoDaddy plans to adopt OpenStack


Private cloud poster child PayPal experimenting with public cloud

PayPal's CTO James Barrese said the company, which is well-known for its private cloud implementation, expects to start using the public cloud.


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