Building Your Professional Branding

The term “professional branding” is what people in the workplace envision when they think of you. Consider the following questions: Are you good to work with or difficult to be around? Are you professionally competent or is...


7 ways digital transformation can help your career

I had the pleasure of speaking with Seth Robinson, the Senior Director of Technology Analysis at CompTIA. We discussed their recent research report “Building Digital Organization”. Our discussion centered on the effect that...


Enhance your productivity and raise your pay

Many technical managers, me included, believe that a top technologist (Programmer, Tester, Business Analyst, Help Desk professional, etc.) can produce two to five times as much output with higher quality and greater reliability than...


4 Techniques that Enhance Business Analyst Productivity

In my last blog, I described five types of personal online libraries you could create that would enhance your productivity while sitting alone at your desk. In today’s blog, I’m continuing with the productivity theme and outline...


5 Ways to Drive Business Analyst Productivity

As a Business Analyst, the speed and effectiveness by which you can create documents, send emails, create presentations and research new topics has a direct relationship to your overall work performance. The reason is that...


Should I learn Java? Maybe, maybe not.

Reader Question: Should I learn Java? My Answer: Maybe, maybe not. I often receive questions from readers asking if they should learn a specific technology, such as Java, PL-SQL, HTML, JavaScript and/or other base technology. On...


Advice on Becoming a Successful Help Desk Professional

Reader Question: Your advice on becoming a Help Desk professional helped me get my job. Now that I’m working, what things should I do to be sure I’m successful in my new role? My Answer: First, congratulations on the new job...


5 More Great Ways to Become a Help Desk Professional

Original Reader Question: I like working on and fixing PCs. How do I get a job as a Help Desk technician? In last week’s blog, based on the above reader question, I described five activities that can assist you get a Help...


5 Great Ways to Become a Help Desk Professional

Reader Question: I like working on and fixing PCs. How do I get a job as a Help Desk technician? Thank you for your email. Before answering your question directly, I would like to divide it into two parts; becoming qualified...


For Technical Careers: Interpersonal communication rules the day

I often receive emails from readers asking me what technology they should learn, what certification they should attain or what type of job they should take next. A fourth question should be “How can I enhance my interpersonal...


4 career options for Database Administrators (and how to make the move)

Reader Question: I’ve been a production DBA for four years. I love working with data, but would like to grow professionally. What are my potential career options?


9 ways the Right Mentor Can Accelerate Your Career Advancement

Want to move your career forward more quickly? A mentor could be just what you need. Discussed in last week’s blog was the difference between a coach and a mentor. There are two types of coaches; a person who teaches you a...


Is a paid career coach worth the money?

A paid coach can be well worth the money. The trick is finding the right coach and being willing to do the suggested work.


Should Project Managers be Specialist or Generalists?

Reader question: I was a Java programmer working on financial applications. Now I’m a Project Manager and feel I’m losing my hands-on ability to program. Does becoming a Project Manager make me too much of a...


Software Testers: The Quiet Giants of IT

Reader Question: I love being in IT, doing technical work and working with business people, but I don’t like programming or writing big requirements documents. Any suggestions on what I can do? First, thank you for your email...


Winning at Entrepreneurship

I had the pleasure of speaking with Rod Robertson, a serial entrepreneur and previous owner of various manufacturing and high tech companies. Today, he is the founder and owner of Briggs Capital, an investment firm specializing in...


8 steps to move from programmer to business analyst

If you have always wanted to be a business analyst, these steps will help you make the professional transition.


Is an MBA in Information Technology right for you?

I was trying to decide between an MBA and a Masters in Computer Science, and then I heard about an MBA in IT. Do you think an MBA in IT is my best choice? Trying to answer your question as directly as possible, all three choices...


Business analyst wants to get technical

How business analysts can ramp up on technology without becoming a developer


6 things techies can learn from sales

Lessons that can be applied when trying to fund a project, working towards a promotion, and growing your brand.


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