6 ways to succeed as a new business analyst

I just accepted a new job as a Junior Business Analyst. What things should I do to make sure that I do well in my new position?


Finding the Right City to Live and Work Can Enhance Your Career

I had the pleasure of speaking with Fred Shilmover, the CEO of InsightSquared, an impressive cloud-based company based in Cambridge, MA specializing in cloud-based business analytics.


College students who learn COBOL make more money

Yes, you read the title of this column correctly. College students who learn COBOL as part of their college studies were hired at a higher starting salary than their peers.


Ways Programmers Can Move Up Professionally

I am a .NET developer working in one of the financial companies. Could you please guide me as to how to scale up my professional life and compensation?


Listen, learn and lead: Key communication skills for IT pros

I had the pleasure of speaking with Tom Catalini about his new eBook “Talking Points: Communication Skills to Advance Your IT Career “.


4 paths to tech stardom

I’ve been bouncing from technology-to-technology and application-to-application for about ten years. As a result, I’m always a worker and never the leader. How do I pick the right technology and application area to stick with and...


The Two Sides of IT Job Hunting: Sales and Marketing - Part 2

My last blog discussed the “marketing” side of IT job hunting. Today’s blog discusses “sales”.


The Two Sides of IT Job Hunting: Sales and Marketing

I’m looking for an overall plan for my job search. I’ve updated my resume, I’m applying for jobs online, and I’m doing some personal networking. It’s funny, I’m a Project Manager by profession and can’t seem to create a project plan...


8 important things to do when you lose your job

Help, I’m a Business Analyst and I just lost my job. My company just closed and everyone working there was just told to go home. What should I do first to get a new job?


How to Get Your Next Large IT Project Funded

I had the great pleasure of speaking with Jim Maholic, a VP in Hitachi Consulting’s Management Consulting and Industries Practice. We discussed how to identify, calculate and communicate the value of large scale IT projects, based on...


How do I Become a CIO?

I’ve been in IT for about four years as an individual contributor and would like to be a CIO one day. How do I get there?


10 tips for successful a phone interview

Help! My resume looks great, my job experience is right on target, and I have great references. My problem is whenever I do a phone-based interview or job screening, they never call me back. How can I improve my phone-based interviews?...


12 characteristics of successful IT professionals

My daughter just graduated college with a degree in Computer Science and landed a job with an insurance company in their IT department. What makes an IT person successful?


5 Tips on Changing Jobs Into and Out of IT

I am an accountant with over eight years experience in banking financial control and wish to change my career and move into IT. I just do not know exactly where to begin the journey.


Gaining Leadership Skills is a Journey, Not an Event

I have been an individual contributor for almost five years and would like to become a manager. What class should I take to get the management skills I need to be promoted?


Great resume, new A+ certification, some experience, no job

I recently graduated from a technical school with the goal of changing careers and entering the IT field. I have a little IT professional experience and my A+ certification. Any tips on finding a job?


Are your skills transferable to other technologies?

The combination of programming and database skills are not only a wonderful combination from a software development perspective, it also has the potential to pivot you into other technical areas.


AARP is a Very Technology Savvy Company, Yes, AARP

I had the incredible pleasure of speaking with AARP CIO Terry Bradwell. From a CIO’s perspective, he is living the dream and, in my eyes, is a role model for all IT professionals, from the newest intern to the most experienced CIO....


What to do first, my CCNP or Part Time Graduate Degree

I have a BS in IT Engineering, my CCNA certification, and am currently studying for my CCNP. I’m also in a post graduate program in network engineering. My graduate classes seem out of date and boring. I don’t have time to do both,...


4 Questions Help Desk Professionals Should Ask Before Learning About Mobility

I have been working on the Help Desk for about five years. I’d like to expand my skills and have been thinking about learning more about supporting mobile devices. Do you think this is a good idea? If yes, what should I learn?


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