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The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are on sale today

Missed the iPhone preorder? Head over to your local Apple Store or carrier shop—the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus hits shelves today.

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5 ways to shore up security in your BYOD strategy

Despite years in the making, many security leaders are still wary about BYOD policy. Here are five ways to combine security and privacy with the ever-increasing demand for user-owned devices in the enterprise.


Shadow BYOD runs rampant in federal government

A new survey highlights the extent to which government employees insist on bringing their own devices to work, despite rules to the contrary.


Your next PC should have a PCI Express SSD

Rather than your normal SATA III hard drive, your next PC should have a PCIe SSD, especially if you build it yourself.

7 ways digital transformation can help your career

I had the pleasure of speaking with Seth Robinson, the Senior Director of Technology Analysis at CompTIA. We discussed their recent research report “Building Digital Organization”. Our discussion centered on the effect that...

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Android vulnerabilities are scary, but could be a blessing in disguise

Even with the advent of worrying vulnerabilities like Stagefright and a similar issue disclosed this week by hackers from Check Point, the people responsible for managing BYOD environments probably aren’t exactly quaking in their...

11 Gadgets for the Digital Nomad [slideshow cover]

11 gadgets for the digital nomad

These devices promise to transform a table in any coffee shop into a full-featured office workstation, yet are compact enough to fit into a travel bag.

IBM launches new services to help enterprises embrace Macs

Companies can order Macs and have them delivered directly to employees without the need for additional setup, imaging or configuration.

win 10 small tablet tips

Windows 10 tips for small tablets

Installing and running Windows 10 on small tablets can be tricky....

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Hands on with the OnePlus 2: Still the best bang for your buck

OnePlus has done it again with the OnePlus 2. Will this be its year?

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Are you ready to support Windows 10?

With five million registered Windows Insiders, and hundreds of thousands who’ve been actively testing Windows 10 preview builds, it’s likely that Windows 10 has already infiltrated your business in some form. But now that the new...

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Today's high-end smartphones: Too big for comfort?

Forget phablets. The latest flagship smartphones, such as the new Moto X Pure Edition, demand a reach that some of our hands can't, well, handle.


IDC cuts forecast for mobile management software sales

Sales of mobile management software will grow at a slower pace over the next few years but will still top $2.9 billion in 2019, according to IDC’s latest forecast.

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How to use the Windows Phone Podcasts app

Tips and techniques for getting the most out of Window Phone's Podcasts app...

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Motorola launches 3 new Android phones with 'amazing value'

Motorola announced three new Android 5.1.1 phones, including a high-end model that will be sold this fall in the U.S. as the Moto X Pure Edition, starting at the low price of $400 unlocked.

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How to script SD card partitioning and imaging for IoT devices

Automate creating bootable sd cards for your Internet of Things devices...

Windows phone recovery tool

Fix Windows Phone update problems with the Windows Phone Recovery Tool

If you experience problems during the upgrade to Windows 10 mobile, Microsoft has a solution...

One third of enterprise iOS devices vulnerable to app, data hijacking attacks

Researchers from FireEye found five flaws that can be exploited by rogue apps installed through the iOS enterprise provisioning system.

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iOS 9 will delete apps to make room for upgrade, reinstall them later

The new feature, revealed yesterday by several users of the iOS 9 preview now in developers' hands, was another piece in a plan by Apple to avoid repeating the debacle of last year, when owners of iPhones and iPads with small storage...

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How to train your Surface Pro 3: Tips, tricks, hacks

Surface Pro 3 tipsWe’ve collected several tips for Microsoft’s popular tablet computer. Most are useful or interesting, one is kind of silly, and another is a nearly literal hack to the Surface Pro 3. Enjoy!Train Surface Pro 3 to...

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