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Set your brand up for success with a .tech domain extension

Imagine this. You’ve finally completed your brand new app that’s going to revolutionize the way we live. You’ve even come up with a catchy name that meshes perfectly with your app and no other company has laid claim to....

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This charger doubles as a window-breaker and seatbelt-cutter

Few things are more obnoxious (and potentially dangerous) than having your devices run out of power while you’re on the go. Whether you’re in the middle of an epic road trip across the country or simply visiting family a few hours...

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Get $1,200 worth of advanced AWS training for just $35

This web-based training package is an ideal fit for IT pros who need to add to their skill set

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Get access to 750+ professional tech courses for just $80 today

Looking for a convenient and affordable way to learn skills? This may be just the ticket.

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Become a number-crunching Excel pro with this training

If you’ve worked in an office (or even at home) at any point during the past thirty years, chances are you’ve used Microsoft Excel in some capacity. But unless you’re a professional accountant, you’ve likely only scratched the...

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Keep yourself germ-free with this antimicrobial stylus

Staying germ-free has never been so important. As the world continues to deal with the unchecked and unexpected outbreak of the coronavirus, government agencies and healthcare professionals are all urging Americans to continuously...

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Keep yourself safe with these comfortable KN95 masks

With the world still wrestling with how to deal with the outbreak of the coronavirus, government officials and healthcare workers have made it clear that we need to be vigilant about washing our hands, keeping a safe distance from...

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Limit your exposure to germs with this no-contact infrared thermometer

We’re living in strange times. As we continue to navigate the disorienting effects of the coronavirus outbreak, we’re all doing our best to keep ourselves safe and free from a virus that shows no signs of slowing down any time...


Save thousands on pro CompTIA certification training today

Score over $3,000 worth of training for only $69 right now.

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Keep your mind active at home with this social distancing bundle

The outbreak of the coronavirus and subsequent quarantining of millions of Americans has proven that there are two types of people in the world: those who spend unexpected downtime at home twiddling their thumbs, and those who...

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Grow your brand online with this $39 design software

Building a captivating online presence for a business isn't easy, regardless of whether you're working in the marketing department of a major corporation or simply trying to get your small business off the ground. In addition to...


How do you easily brand a tech site? Grab a .tech domain extension

Tech entrepreneurs now have a whole new way to brand their site.


Uncertain about your career? Consider a pivot to project management

This 114-hour bundle will get you acquainted with popular methodologies so you’ll be better equipped to get the job.


The Zebra lets you compare car insurance rates without hassle or commitment

In most states, auto insurance isn't just a necessity in case of an accident. It's your actual legal responsibility. So why is it so hard to get? To be clear, it's not hard at all to do the bare minimum. You could certainly choose...

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5 deals to help you have fun in your backyard

Now that millions of Americans have been forced to stay at home for the foreseeable future, most of your go-to activities—including hanging out with your friends at the park, going to restaurants, and heading to the beach—have...

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Stay fit at home with the Push Up Machine

Now that virtually every gym in the country has shut its doors, it’s easy to come up with an excuse to ditch your standard exercise routine while you spend your days at home scarfing down nachos and binge-watching Netflix. But you...

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These 8 top-rated deals are all on sale this week

Now that you're being forced to stay indoors for the foreseeable future, there's never been a better time to exercise that Internet shopping muscle and grab some of those best-selling gadgets and tools you've been eyeing for...


Get over $2,000 worth of expert Python training for just $35

This 12-course e-training bundle is just the ticket for professionals with no time to spare.

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