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Arcadia Is the Best Way to Potentially Save Money While Transitioning to Clean Energy

Arcadia makes the transition away from fossil fuels easy and rewarding

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Grab this pro Python training for only $40 right now

Learn valuable skills and render yourself far more employable in the years ahead.


The Zebra lets you compare car insurance rates without hassle or commitment

In most states, auto insurance isn't just a necessity in case of an accident. It's your actual legal responsibility. So why is it so hard to get? To be clear, it's not hard at all to do the bare minimum. You could certainly choose...

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Keep your data safe with this comprehensive backup plan

  If you’re like the majority of Americans, you’ve been working from home a bit more than usual lately—due to the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent social distancing guidelines that have kept people out of the office and glued...

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Prep yourself to earn Cisco CCNA & CCNP certifications for just $35

Get the training you need to advance in your IT career.

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These HD headphones adjust to your unique hearing range for the perfect audio experience

There’s a reason why finding a truly great pair of headphones is so tricky: we all hear and interpret sound differently. This means that the same pair of headphones can sound heavenly to one listener while sounding utterly bland...

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This tiny-yet-mighty bike is perfect for toddlers

Few things in life are as iconic as learning how to ride a bike when it comes to growing up. But while learning how to ride a bike is certainly important, it shouldn’t be accompanied by a nightmarish learning process that involves...

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This four-port portable charging bank is over 20% off today

Few things are more inconvenient (and potentially dangerous) than having your devices run out of power when you’re on a trip. Whether you’re backpacking through the mountains on an epic two-week road trip adventure or simply...

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9 must-have tools and apps for starting and growing a business

There’s never been a better time to turn that great business idea into a full-fledged reality—thanks to an increasingly dynamic economic landscape along with a wide range of affordable and low-interest loans for small...

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These top-rated tech gadgets are all on sale for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is nearly upon us, and that means it’s time to enjoy the warmer weather and a well-deserved long weekend. Of course, it also means that it’s time to take advantage of some killer deals on some of the best tech gadgets...

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Get $2,300 worth of pro coder training for just $39

Take your coding skills further while you're stuck at home.


Set your brand up for success with a .tech domain extension

Imagine this. You’ve finally completed your brand new app that’s going to revolutionize the way we live. You’ve even come up with a catchy name that meshes perfectly with your app and no other company has laid claim to....

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This charger doubles as a window-breaker and seatbelt-cutter

Few things are more obnoxious (and potentially dangerous) than having your devices run out of power while you’re on the go. Whether you’re in the middle of an epic road trip across the country or simply visiting family a few hours...

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Get $1,200 worth of advanced AWS training for just $35

This web-based training package is an ideal fit for IT pros who need to add to their skill set

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Get access to 750+ professional tech courses for just $80 today

Looking for a convenient and affordable way to learn skills? This may be just the ticket.

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Become a number-crunching Excel pro with this training

If you’ve worked in an office (or even at home) at any point during the past thirty years, chances are you’ve used Microsoft Excel in some capacity. But unless you’re a professional accountant, you’ve likely only scratched the...

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Keep yourself germ-free with this antimicrobial stylus

Staying germ-free has never been so important. As the world continues to deal with the unchecked and unexpected outbreak of the coronavirus, government agencies and healthcare professionals are all urging Americans to continuously...

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Keep yourself safe with these comfortable KN95 masks

With the world still wrestling with how to deal with the outbreak of the coronavirus, government officials and healthcare workers have made it clear that we need to be vigilant about washing our hands, keeping a safe distance from...

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