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4 eLearning deals you can get for 60% off this Cyber Monday

These are the top 4 Cyber Monday deals that you can get for 60% off using offer code CMSAVE60

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Five of the best Black Friday tech deals you can't miss out on

Black Friday is finally here, and it's time to save big on some of the web’s most popular gadgets — which can be found right here for an additional 20% off when you enter the coupon code BFSAVE20 at checkout. 1. Altec Lansing...

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These IT certification trainings are an extra 60% off this Black Friday

We've lined up 4 deals on certification bundles that will help you jumpstart your IT career.

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This $140 AquaSonic electric toothbrush is just $40 today

Electric toothbrushes are far better than traditional brushes when it comes to removing plaque and keeping your teeth clean, but most electric brushes are simply too expensive to be practical. This AquaSonic Black Series...

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Learn the basics of electrical engineering for only $25 today.

This collection features 5 courses on electrical engineering fundamentals such as circuits, substations, and machines.

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Power through important books with this $29 subscription

It’s no secret that some of the world’s most successful individuals make a point of reading as many books as they can, but few of us have the time to dig through that growing pile of books on our nightstand. This 12min Micro Book...

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Learn how R is used in machine learning with this $29 training

The collection features 6 courses on how to use the R environment for machine learning and statistical analysis.

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This best-selling cloud storage service is over 90% off

Cloud storage platforms have made it easy to safely store and transfer everything from single files to entire hard drives, but not all cloud services are created equal. This Polar Backup Cloud Storage plan offers comprehensive,...

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Everything you need to know about 10G, the future of broadband technology

10G is the cable industry’s vision for delivering a remarkable 10 gigabits per second to homes in the U.S. and around the globe.

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This 7-course graphic design bundle is just $39 today

There’s never been a better time to work in graphic design, thanks to a growing demand for talented artists who can create everything from web pages to print layouts. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to have...

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Get this $112 Cybersecurity eBook Bundle for just $15 today

The bundle features 5 eBooks on how cybersecurity is used to detect threats over the web.

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Gain access to 2,000+ documentaries with CuriosityStream

Streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu are undeniably great, but when it comes to documentaries they just don’t cut it. CuriosityStream offers a massive trove of over 2,000 cutting-edge documentaries, and a 3-year subscription is...


Truebill can help you manage your finances—and it’s free to download

Truebill makes it easy to track your monthly budget and lower unnecessary payments.

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Achieve your health and fitness goals with this $69 DNA testing kit

DNA ancestry kits are all the rage these days, thanks to their ability to shed light on our past, present, and future. This Vitagene DNA Ancestry Test Kit & Health Plan Voucher, however, takes this illuminating technology to...

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These $100 HD wireless earbuds are just $20 today

It’s not easy trying to find a great pair of wireless earbuds, due to the unfortunate fact that most of them are either too expensive or too sonically-underwhelming to be practical. These AirSounds True Wireless Earbuds break the...

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Earn valuable project management certifications with this $39 bundle

Companies spanning all sizes and industries are constantly on the lookout for project managers who can inspire teams and exceed goals, but if you want to be competitive in the field you need to have the right certifications under...

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This $294 Microsoft Excel training is just $19 today

It’s difficult to work in a modern office without at least dabbling in Microsoft Excel, but it you want to stand out from the crowd in an increasingly data-driven world you need to know how to do more than just build a...

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This 85-hour Python bootcamp bundle is just $35 today

If you want to join the increasingly lucrative field of web and app development, knowing Python is an absolute must. This versatile programming language is in high demand throughout countless industries, and having an in-depth...

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