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White Paper | Presented by SlashNext

10 Ways Hackers Evade the Sandbox

NSS labs recently published an evaluation of seven breach detection systems from FireEye, Cisco Check Point, Fortinet, LastLine and TrendMicro. Not surprisingly, the report shows that five out of the seven products tested missed evasions.

White Paper | Presented by VendorHawk

5 Critical Best Practices For Purchasing SAAS

The way software is purchased drastically changed when the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model started to become the norm. As cloud-based services focused heavily on the end user, SaaS applications are easier than ever to purchase and download.

White Paper | Presented by NetApp

Building the Business Case for the Next-Generation Data Center

As the business landscape continues to evolve, how organizations manage data needs to keep pace. The next-generation data center is up to the challenge.

White Paper | Presented by Neo4j

Create Business Value through Data Relationships

Where does sustainable competitive advantage come from? It's not from the volume of your data, but from the knowledge of relationships in your data. Learn how a graph database can help you identify new market opportunities and reimagine existing applications.

White Paper | Presented by Neo4j

Fraud Detection: Discovering Connections with a Graph Database

Tens of billions of dollars are lost every year by U.S. banks due to fraud. Graph databases can help you stop advanced fraud scenarios in real time by giving you insights based on data connections.

Gaining Customer Value from the Internet of Things

Integration of industry-specific and cross-industry Internet of Things (IoT) projects into smart utilities, smart public transportation, smart aviation, smart logistics, and smart industrial initiatives are providing their respective benefactors with measureable improvements over non-connected solutions.

White Paper | Presented by Neo4j

Powering Recommendations with a Graph Database

Consumers expect to be served real-time recommendations customized to their needs. Retailers like Walmart, eBay, and adidas power their recommendations with a graph database, and see performance thousands of times faster than with a MySQL database.

Right Message, Right Product, Right Time

To execute on innovative ideas, marketers need technology to make that possible. A modern data platform with powerful machine learning and visualization tools can make this vision a reality.

White Paper | Presented by Neo4j

Solve Problems in Network/Data Center Management with Graph Databases

Graph databases are inherently more suitable than relational databases for making sense of complex interdependencies central to managing an IT infrastructure. Learn how you can improve your network & data center management by using a graph database.

White Paper | Presented by Neo4j

Strengthen Search with a Graph Database

Traditional relational databases (RDBMS) and keyword-based searches simply can't keep up with the crush of big data now available to your organization. Learn how with graph-based search, your organization and customers can receive more relevant answers to more precise and intelligent questions.

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