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Your Top 5 Cloud Myths Debunked

Many myths, misconceptions and inaccuracies have been passed down over the years about cloud. It's time to put an end to them. With the cloud having a direct impact on your company's business model and strategy, we help you challenge the deeply held notions you may have about the cloud.

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40 Questions You Have in Your Vendor Security Assessment

Our goal with this guide is to help you get started with the creation of your vendor security risk assessment. This is not intended to be an out-of-box security assessment solution, but rather, a guide to get you headed in the right direction. We'll explain the top three frameworks you should be examining, questions you may want to consider (and why you should potentially consider them) and what else to include in your VRM program.

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10 Ways Hackers Evade the Sandbox

NSS labs recently published an evaluation of seven breach detection systems from FireEye, Cisco Check Point, Fortinet, LastLine and TrendMicro. Not surprisingly, the report shows that five out of the seven products tested missed evasions.

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Building the Business Case for the Next-Generation Data Center

As the business landscape continues to evolve, how organizations manage data needs to keep pace. The next-generation data center is up to the challenge.

Automated Campus: Fabric, Policy, Management, and Analytics

Faster, simpler, and safer. By combining fabric-based networking technology, with industry-leading software and the #1 ranked support services, Extreme Networks delivers an integrated solution that enables you to perform complex networking tasks with ease.

Quantifying the Value of Extreme Networks

Your network needs to be an enabler for your company to grow, not an anchor holding it back. Download ESG's Economic Value Validation to learn how Extreme can help you significantly lower capital and operational expenses with an end-to-end solution and superior support capabilities.

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5 Tips on Building a Big Data Culture

From hiring practices to self-service technology and employee empowerment, our 5 Tips on Building a Data-Driven Culture will set you on a path to become a truly data-driven organization -- one that uses data to start, continue, or conclude every single business decision, no matter how major or minor.

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Big Data Buyers Guide

The cloud and big data are really a perfect match as the dynamic scalability and affordability of the cloud match well with the massive scale and "bursty" nature of resources that are required for big data analytics. Whether you are just evaluating cloud big data platforms or already running big data in the cloud - this guide is for you.

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Data Warehouses vs Data Lakes A Primer

What distinguishes a data lake from a data warehouse? Do you need to choose or do you need both? What are current best practices for setting up the relationship between a data warehouse and a data lake? We answer these questions and more, and explain why augmenting your existing data warehouse with a data lake is the best path to take given the current state of maturity of the various technologies.

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5 Lessons Your Business Can Learn from Business Process Automation Leaders

According to AIIM's latest Industry Watch survey, just 19% of businesses process automation trailblazers with exceptional automation capabilities. This infographic explains what these leaders do differently: prioritize BPM, automate straight-forward processes first, focus on core BPA functionalities and workflow engines, and designate process owners.

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