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Get Rid of Database Workload Silos: Dell EMC SC5020 vs. HPE Nimble

In this whitepaper, Principled Technologies tested the All-Flash Dell EMC SC5020 array and the HPE Nimble Storage AF5000 All-Flash array to see how well each performed while handling two workloads at once. Find out which solution delivered stronger performance and learn more about the importance of eliminating database workload silos. Download this paper from Dell EMC and Intel® now.

How Broad All-Flash Vendor Portfolios Help IT Customers

In the current 3rd Platform computing era, enterprises of all sizes are being asked to continue to support legacy applications while providing support for next-generation applications (NGAs) in mobile computing, social media, big data/analytics, and cloud environments. At the same time, most information technology (IT) organizations are consolidating around virtual infrastructure for both legacy and new applications. This has significantly changed the I/O profiles that storage infrastructure has to deal with, and it has become clear that for most primary storage workloads, and even now for some secondary workloads, hard disk drives (HDDs) no longer adequately meet requirements. As a result, we are seeing overall enterprise storage revenue shift away from HDD-based designs toward newer flas

Modern Infrastructure for Dummies

Modern businesses are increasingly embracing digital transformation — leveraging new technologies to reinvent core processes, business models, product offerings, and the customer experience. As businesses embark on the digital transformation journey, they need to modernize their underlying technology infrastructure to enable a more agile, customer focused, flexible, and innovative digital workplace. For more information, visit

Optimizing Virtualized Server Infrastructure with Dell EMC Unity

With the proliferation of virtualization, data centers look a lot different today. Traditional storage architectures were not designed for this new reality, and storage needs a fresh flash-optimized approach to effectively deal with the new normal. Learn how Dell EMC Unity—with flash-optimized hybrid and all-flash configurations—can help your business overcome new IT challenges, and optimize highly virtualized environments in a simple, affordable manner.

Top Reasons Why: PowerMax for SAP

This short form asset details the top reasons that customers should adopt PowerMax storage for running SAP workloads. Download this report provided by Dell EMC and Intel® to learn more.

Unlock the Power of Data Capital: Accelerate DX

This 3rd party analyst report authored by IDC and commissioned by Dell EMC introduces the concept of Data Capital, describes organizations fully leveraging their data capital, and details Dell EMC Storage & Data protection solutions. Download this report provided by Dell EMC and Intel® to learn more.

Client Virtualization Solutions Deliver Enhanced Security and Compliance While Lowering Costs

Modern, mobility-enabled financial services with Dell, VMware and Intel® solutions