Threat Protection and Security

A failure of imagination often leads IT professionals to take half-measures when it comes to protecting corporate data from malware attacks. It’s an honest mistake however, since it can be difficult for anyone to visualize why they might need to invest in yet another security solution or an additional layer of network defenses, just to keep things humming. The malware race never stops and can still surprise even the most experienced IT engineers and network managers who do security for a living.
While the malicious actors may have been able to count on adding a slight wrinkle to their code to evade detection in the short term, there is now a solution for PCs, Windows thin clients, and even VDI servers that takes a more holistic approach, and does not rely on a cadence of definitions to protect your users and endpoints. Threat Defense can also protect physical PCs, MacOS endpoints, and VDI servers running Windows Server. Regardless of the security solution you may have just deployed, Dell Threat Defense and Wyse endpoints are worth considering in today’s consistently unpredictable landscape.