File Sharing Without Fear: 5 Key Requirements for Law Firms When Choosing a Content Collaboration Platform

Law firms of all sizes have become appealing targets for hackers for multiple reasons. They are one-stop shops for valuable confidential information such as trade secrets, business transactions, insider information, social security numbers, financial information and more. Cyber criminals are also attracted to law firms’ large trust accounts. Add to this the fact that law firms are known for relatively lax data security compared to financial institutions, which have long been prime targets, and the urgent need for coordinated, firm-wide cybersecurity practices becomes obvious.
In today’s mobile, collaborative legal environments, any workforce productivity or cybersecurity strategy is incomplete without a secure content collaboration platform (also referred to as Enterprise File Sync & Share (EFSS) solutions). Attorneys need anytime, anywhere document access and collaboration across all their devices – especially for the most sensitive files – to keep pace with the demands of their profession. They also need to keep those files safe.