Create Modern, Cloud-Native Applications By Unifying Your DevOps Teams

Developers and DevOps teams can often lack a common approach to infrastructure provisioning, creating difficulties for cross-team collaboration which in turn slows down development. Pulumi’s cloud native development platform provides a single, consistent model for infrastructure provisioning using familiar and powerful general-purpose languages to provide the speed and capabilities to meet continuous delivery requirements for cloud applications.

Learning Machine used Pulumi to improve speed and reduce risk for new customer provisioning by minimizing the silos across teams and reducing their 25,000 lines of ad-hoc DevOps scripts to 500 JavaScript lines of code, making their environment easier to maintain and extend. Join the upcoming webinar with Learning Machine, Pulumi, and AWS to learn how to unify your developers and DevOps teams and leverage the power of general-purpose programming languages to create modern, cloud-native applications

Download our webinar to learn

  • How using general-purpose programming languages provides familiar and powerful programming concepts to infrastructure-as-code challenges
  • How Pulumi can help build a library of code packages to enhance efficiency when implementing standard policies, network best practices, and more
  • Best practices for becoming a deployment-focused organization, rather than configuration-focused, to continuously deliver new cloud-native infrastructure with containerization