Network Security And Compliance For Kubernetes On AWS With Atlassian And Tigera

Atlassian, a global software provider, sought to overhaul their monolithic infrastructure by migrating to Kubernetes on AWS and implementing a containerized, microservices-based architecture. This paradigm shift required them to change how they approached security and compliance at scale, as their existing on-premises and virtual firewall appliances were unable to enforce application-specific policies.

Register for our webinar to learn how Atlassian leveraged Tigera to successfully defend, detect, and mitigate attacks on their Kubernetes environment on AWS by deploying a defense in depth posture with zero trust network security.

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  • How Atlassian detected and stopped a bitcoin mining cyberattack in less than 15 minutes
  • How they leverage AWS, Kubernetes, and Tigera security policies with to create a defense in depth network security posture
  • Best practices for planning the migration of applications to a containerized, microservices architecture