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SSD Qualification For Data Centers

In the following presentation, we will review the challenges facing data centers, offer a solution, and outline the benefits for qualifying SSDs before they are deployed into a production data center environment.

Qualifying SSDs for the Data Center: Current and Future Trends

Compared with traditional spinning hard disk drives (HDDs), SSDs have a much lower latency, can generate as much as 1000 times the number of I/Os per second (IOPS), and have three to five times the throughput. SSDs promise improved application performance, greater storage utilization, reduced operating expenses, and lower total cost of ownership.

Use cases to deliver stronger branch office connectivity

This white paper will explain how Citrix SD-WAN enables organizations to fulfill these initiatives and complement the benefits of the cloud. Furthermore, it will explore how to augment the capabilities of Citrix SD-WAN by running the solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Client Virtualization Solutions Deliver Enhanced Security and Compliance While Lowering Costs

Modern, mobility-enabled financial services with Dell, VMware and Intel® solutions

Solution Brief - Enabling Students to Learn with Dell VMware and Intel Solutions

As a result, higher education institutions must deliver new virtual, personalized educational experiences accessible from any device, anywhere.

eBook | Presented by Dell and Nvidia

The Best Windows 10 VDI User Experience

Migrating to Windows 10 is inevitable for keeping pace with modern demands. NVIDA GRID™ helps you seamlessly transition and make the most of this new operating system resulting in happier, more productive users.

The TCO Opportunity

Reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Lower management costs, improve energy efficiency and increase productivity.

Threat Protection and Security

Regardless of the security solution you may have just deployed, Dell Threat Defense and Wyse endpoints are worth considering in today’s consistently unpredictable landscape.

Dell EMC AI Researchers Achieve Diagnostic Accuracy Rates That Match Human Radiologists

With healthcare costs soaring and the shortage of physicians expected to reach historic highs over the next decade, artificial intelligence is increasingly being seen as the best way to stem a vicious cycle of spiraling costs.

White Paper | Presented by OpenText

eBook: Digital Manufacturing

Read the Digital Manufacturing eBook to discover the 8 trending challenges for the factory of the future, 36 stories of innovation, 40 insights from executive of top manufacturing organizations and much more.

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