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eBook | Presented by Citrix Systems Inc

Delivering highly available networks for the distributed enterprise - Citrix SD-WAN on AWS

Cloud technology has revolutionized the way global businesses operate. The ability to provision and de-provision IT resources on-demand and at a global scale gives them the agility to better support distributed workforces. Cloud providers also provide native access to innovative and emerging technologies, giving businesses of all sizes a path to retire inefficient processes and systems and drive new value from their critical applications.

Use cases to deliver stronger branch office connectivity

This white paper will explain how Citrix SD-WAN enables organizations to fulfill these initiatives and complement the benefits of the cloud. Furthermore, it will explore how to augment the capabilities of Citrix SD-WAN by running the solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Dell EMC: Future-Proof Infrastructure

A future-proof infrastructure promise that extends to its larger storage and data protection portfolio and provides support across both generational and architectural transitions.

Dell EMC PowerEdge R740xd - Faster, More Powerful Handling of Database Workloads

The pace of business is lightning fast. Technology runs faster—and customers want service even faster still. To keep up with the demands of a company in this age, you need hardware infrastructure capable of supporting large amounts of work with a more responsive customer experience. Our work in the Principled Technologies datacenter showed that the 14th generation Dell EMC™ PowerEdge™ R740xd, with Intel processors and VMware products, could deliver just that.

Dell EMC PowerEdge R7415 AMD EPYC VMware vSAN Mixed Workloads Performance

There are total cost of ownership benefits to deploying applications on a single-socket system. After a number of tests, it was concluded that approximately 78% of the performance could be obtained from a current generation dual-socket system using two different processors in a single-socket configuration. Download this white paper from Dell EMC and VMware to learn more.

Midrange Customers Demand High-End Functionality at Affordable Prices

This white paper focuses on evolving storage requirements in the midrange market, as enterprises look to improve efficiencies in how they handle enterprise workloads. It also discusses key midrange enterprise storage capabilities CIOs should consider as they modernize infrastructure.

NVMe: The Key to Unlocking Next-Generation Tier 0 Storage

This white paper discusses the evolving primary storage market, highlighting customer needs that will drive the rapid adoption of NVMe into mainstream storage solutions over the next 12–24 months. It also explores the design considerations customers should be examining in next-generation enterprise storage platforms. It then reviews Dell EMC's PowerMax array, discussing Dell EMC's strategy for integrating NVMe technologies into this platform and how that maps to customer requirements.

eBook | Presented by Dell EMC and VMware

The 5 Surprising Ways Server Technology is Advancing Software Defined Storage

For those struggling to convince their leadership to adopt software defined storage (SDS), this eBook from Dell EMC can help you make the case. We’ve gathered 5 ways server technology is advancing software-defined storage adoption, making it easier for businesses to implement SDS in the modern data center.

The Business-level Value of Dell EMC PowerMax

The Dell EMC PowerMax has been designed deliberately to maximize the speed of NVMe and by extension, offer transformational efficiency benefits and business value.

The Business Value of Dell EMC Flash Storage

IDC interviewed organizations of various sizes to understand the impact of moving significant parts of their storage environments to Dell EMC Flash Storage. Based on the study participants’ experiences, IDC projects that these Dell EMC customers will realize benefits worth more than four times the total investment costs (331% three-year ROI) over three years through: - Higher revenue - Improved operational effeciencies - Optimized storage costs

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