Linux Penguin

10 obscure (but useful) desktop Linux distros

You’ve likely heard of Ubuntu, Red Hat and Fedora, but there are strange, lesser-known versions of Linux worth knowing about.

Computerworld - Spooky, Scary Tech [Slide-01]

Terrifying tech to haunt your Halloween

Horrifying hackers, undead malware and IoT devices that listen from beyond can make for a scary digital world.

worst tech layoffs 2017 intro

Tech's worst layoffs, 2017

A look back at the year in pink slips

windows 10 surface laptop

Windows 10: The best tricks, tips, and tweaks

Windows 10 is chock-full of handy, hidden new features worth exploring, especially after the massive Fall Creators Update. Check out the best tips and tricks here.

besthorrorgames primary

20 scary PC horror games to play with the lights off

Don't be ashamed to curl up in a ball in the corner. These PC horror games will scare the pants off of even hardened gamers.

best states for software jobs

Top 10 states for software jobs

The software industry has an enormous impact on the U.S. economy and employment nationwide. Based on data from the BSA Foundation's 2017 survey, ten states stand out as your best bet for software jobs.

state of infosec 2018 intro

Information security, 2018: What we have here is a failure to plan

Information security increasingly has a place in corporate leadership, but plenty of companies are still failing to make the plans they need to keep up.

18 re install windows 10

Windows 10 IQ test (Part 2)

We're back with round two to put your Windows 10 knowledge to the test.

Alternatives to Android’s Chrome Browser [Slide-01]

10 smart browser alternatives to Chrome for Android

Just because almost everyone else uses Google's Chrome browser on their Android smartphone, doesn't mean you have to.

Alternative iOS Browsers [teaser]

10 alternative browsers for iOS

Chances are your corporate IT policy dictates which browser you use on your laptop or desktop. On your iPhone, though, you may be free to choose a more exotic browser, so we've rounded up 10 Safari alternatives -- some talkative, some...

best places women it primary

10 best places to work for women in technology

Looking for a supportive, inclusive and progressive organization where you can flex your technical muscles and make a difference? Look no further.

18 re install windows 10

Windows 10 IQ test (Part 1)

Do you know your LTSC from your LTSB? The difference between a feature update and a quality update? Put your Windows 10 knowledge to the test and prove it.

bossies 2017 machine learning

Bossie Awards 2017: The best machine learning tools

InfoWorld picks the best open source software for machine learning and deep learning

bossies 2017 database analytics

Bossie Awards 2017: The best databases and analytics tools

InfoWorld picks the best open source software for large-scale search, SQL, NoSQL, and streaming analytics

bossies 2017 software development

Bossie Awards 2017: The best software development tools

InfoWorld picks the top open source software for building systems and applications

bossies 2017 cloud computing

Bossie Awards 2017: The best cloud computing software

InfoWorld picks the best open source software for building and managing cloud infrastructure

bos17 networking security lg

Bossie Awards 2017: The best networking and security software

InfoWorld picks the top open source software for protecting networks and their users

dos primary

6 DoS attacks that made headlines

As times have changed, so have these venerable attacks.

Apple iPhone X

How the iPhone X changes the way you will use iOS

The iPhone X has no home button, which means a whole new set of gestures to learn, to include in corporate training materials, and to allow for in app design and website interactions. Here's an animated guide.

Apple's iPhone Evolution

The Evolution of Apple's iPhone

For the iPhone, change is constant.

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